International survey of editors reveals optimistic media climate

by Dana Liebelson
Oct 30, 2018 in Journalism Basics

The majority of editors are optimistic about the future of newspapers and don't view the development of new media as a threat to newsrooms, according to an international survey. This 2010 report illuminates trends in newsroom priorities, editorial independence, online media and advertising -- and reveals that editors aren’t as morose as they appear.

The third annual “Newsroom Barometer” was conducted by Zogby International for the Paris-based World Editors Forum. The 40-question survey took place between April and June, and 525 senior newspaper editors from around the world participated.

According to survey, there is a serious push towards digital revenue models in newspapers, and North Americans are ahead of the game -- 81 percent of North American editors say their newsrooms are fully multimedia integrated compared to 56 percent of editors from other countries.

Editors acknowledge that the shifting media environment is challenging: youth readership is declining, the revenue of European newspapers has declined 18 percent in the last two years, and news staffs continue to face reductions due to an influx of digital media.

But while editors view digital media as an ever-evolving challenge for newspapers, they have already embraced social media, and believe that many of the changes newspapers are going through will ultimately lead to a successful pay-for-information model.

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