Four tips for shooting video sequences

نوشته IJNet
Oct 30, 2018 در Multimedia Journalism

The effective use of basic sequencing in visual clips is one of the keys to high-quality video production.

In an IJNet video, media production professor David Burns offers tips for shooting video sequences gleaned from his 10 years as a judge for the Emmy Awards for news and documentaries.

Here are four of his tips:

Allow subjects to exit the screen

To avoid "jump cuts"--a term that refers to a disruption of continuity in action that confuses the viewer--make sure the person performing the action leaves the screen before showing them in different situations. "Once the person leaves the frame, you can show them again doing something else or even show them in a different location without breaking continuity or creating jump cuts,” Burns says.

Avoid camera movements

When shooting visual sequences, camera movements such as panning out, zooming in and tilting can disrupt the story's pace. The activity occurring within the frame will provide enough action that these additional movements will be unnecessary.

Know what purpose each shot serves

"Shoot a few establishing shots of the action to provide context. Use medium shots from different angles to give the viewer a variety of perspectives," Burns says. The close-ups provide information that satisfies the viewer's need for detail.

Don't follow the action

Though a videographer may feel compelled to follow the activity, it's better to let the action exit the screen than to keep filming it. Like pans, tilts and zooms, following each movement can disrupt the story's flow.

To see examples, watch Burns' video (in English) here.

Photo: Still image from IJNet video.