The Bloomberg Way: 10 Commandments for Business Reporters

by Anonymous
Oct 30, 2018 in Specialized Topics

Being the best requires precision in language, scrupulous attention to detail, an insatiable thirst for knowledge, persistence in getting any task accomplished, no matter how daunting, the humility to recognize that none of us is infallible, and the decency to address anyone and everyone with concern and kindness. Our mission to sell Bloomberg information requires us to be:

1) First with the news of money, commodities, markets, companies and economies;

2) As comprehensive as any publication on these subjects;

3) Written in a style that a dope can understand and a professional can appreciate;

4) Clear, accurate and convincing in our presentation;

5) Persistent in our pursuit of information as it relates to shareholders, bondholders and folks who have deposits at banks;

6) Honest enough to admit our mistakes as soon as we discover them;

7) Diligent enough to correct our mistakes as soon as we discover them;

8) Thoughtful enough to understand the sum of us is greater than our parts;

9) Skilled enough to be meticulous with details because they give a story authority;

10) Humble enough to know we can always do it better.

These 10 commandments bridge the gulf between those who say, "Just get it out," and those who insist on getting it right. Of course, we should do both. The more knowledgeable and skilled we are, the easier the task becomes.






@(copyright symbol) Bloomberg Business News, Princeton, N.J. Reprinted and translated by the Center for Foreign Journalists with permission.