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IJNet journalist of the month: Khaled Safi

作者 IJNet
Oct 30, 2018 发表在 Journalism Basics

Each month, IJNet features an international journalist who exemplifies the profession and has used the site to further his or her career. If you would like to be featured, e-mail a short bio and a paragraph about how you have used IJNet here.

This month's journalist is Khaled Safi, a blogger and media activist who won the 2012 prize for best Arabic blog in the Deutsche Welle competition. Safi is a member of the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate, a trainer in new media and blogging and a designer for the Shehab News Agency. He recently finished the United Nations training program for Palestinian journalists.

How has IJNet helped you?

IJNet usually publishes articles and opportunities concerning journalism, social media and photography and these are some of my main interests.

I am a radio presenter for a weekly radio show called “Technical pages,” where I influence others to support the young generation's interests, tackling issues like new media and how young journalists can benefit from developing their crowdsourcing skills. IJNet has helped me to enhance the quality of topics I choose to open discussions and share advice with other activists.

It also introduced me to the most recent Web applications and programs in our field where there are limited resources. From the IJNet “Social media as a reporting tool” section, I found information that links my technical study to my journalism practice. This is where I have been introduced to the famous TED talks, mobile reporting, best applications and Web tools for journalists, in addition to how to create engaging content on Facebook.

IJNet also inspired me to create several radio episodes about Arabic web content, discussing ways to integrate people with disabilities into the technology field and featuring worldwide competitions about technology innovation. These episodes and others are available here (in Arabic).

One of the best websites for me is IJNet. I am a loyal reader and I am constantly sharing its opportunities and articles with others, including on the Palestinian Journalism Syndicate's Facebook page that I help to run.

How do you get your ideas for stories?

I usually focus on youth issues and try to highlight the major obstacles facing them in regards to Palestine. I feature daily news, obstacles and events experienced by the people of Gaza. Whenever I read about an achievement story, invention or a new idea, I try to put it into the context of Palestine and the people of Gaza. My most influential stories were found during my fieldwork walking in alleys and streets. During my trip to the Gaza Strip, I tried to seek new stories related to steadfastness, activism and up-to-date issues.

What has been your best stories or work so far?

What advice would you give aspiring journalists?

I think that acknowledging your clear objective and full awareness develops within you the motivation to achieve your ambition and configure your audience. Never give up and keep the four members of influence and success in front of you: goal, awareness, motive and the public.