CONNECTAS offers investigative journalism grant [Latin America, Caribbean]

منتشر شده در Jan 10, 2024 در Investigative Journalism

Journalists with at least four years of professional experience residing in Latin America and the Caribbean can apply for this opportunity.

CONNECTAS has launched a new edition of the CONNECTAS Fellowship.

The initiative seeks to encourage and strengthen the quality and independence of journalism in the region, offering support to high-impact investigative journalism that helps to expose abuses of power.

Candidates must submit a detailed proposal. Projects that show previous reporting work and knowledge on the topic, as well as those that suggest a component of collaboration among journalists, will be specially considered.

Fellows will receive editorial support and up to US$3,000. Proposals with a higher amount will be received, for which aspects such as the potential impact of the publication and its transnational character, among others, will be evaluated.

The deadline is Jan. 28.