Webb on the Web: Get Real-Time Twitter Search Results on Google

نوشته Amy Webb
Oct 30, 2018 در Social Media

If you haven't been using a Tweet search tool, such as http://search.twitter.com, you're missing out on lots of possible sources and information. But there's an easier way to troll through Google, the blogosphere and Twitter the next time you're working on a story.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to search Google and Twitter in the same window:

1. You'll need to use Firefox for this to work. You can install the latest version here.

2. Next, you'll need to install the Greasemonkey plugin. It's free and it won't affect your machine negatively. Download it here.

3. Now, restart Firefox to finish the Greasemonkey installation.

4. Relaunch Firefox. Then, visit this page and look for the green "Install" button at the top of your screen. Click to install.

5. Now go to Google and try typing a search. You should automatically see Twitter search results along with Google's list. Pretty neat!

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