Al Jazeera expands social media, citizen journalism to news programs

نوشته Mohammad Al abdallah
Oct 30, 2018 در Digital Journalism

Global network Al Jazeera, which recently launched social media-based program The Stream, is expanding the use of social media to report its news programs.

The social-media based segment called Egyptian Tweets, first aired after the Egyptian revolution. It now covers news in that country relying on Twitter updates for news on its dedicated Egypt channel Al Jazeera Mubasher-Egypt.

Like many news organizations, the Doha-based network has begun experimenting with a show powered by social media. Called The Stream, it was launched in May and though it didn't strike early reviewers as must-see TV, it has gained traction.

Last week, the Egyptian Tweets segment also started incorporating videos shot by citizen journalists to provide more insight from the street.

In a recent episode, that material included interviews by activists on what is happening in military tribunals in Egypt that were originally posted on a blog called Tahrir Diaries.

You can watch the episode, in Arabic, here.