New multimedia platform showcases the work of citizen journalists

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Oct 30, 2018 در Miscellaneous

After the Arab Spring, citizen journalism projects that provide trustworthy platforms for the voices of people around the globe have gained new momentum.

The latest project to launch is called StoriesFrom. It's a slick website showcasing the work of citizen journalists who have created multimedia packages that span from Kabul to Philadelphia.

StoriesFrom was created by The Tiziano Project, which was awarded a 2011 Knight News Challenge grant.

“StoriesFrom changes the way communities create and consume stories on a global scale,” Tiziano Project Executive Director Jon Vidar said during the recent launch of the project at Dokufest. “This site presents underrepresented views in a reliable and beautiful package.”

At launch, stories ranged from a photo and audio slideshow of ballerinas in East Jerusalem, a report from a 17-year-old on how locals in Latvia make a living by lamprey fishing and "Backflips and Drum Solos" on daily life in Philadelphia.

You can check out the stories here.

Via Inside Annenberg