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Oct 30, 2018 در Miscellaneous

While there are many resources out there for learning data-driven reporting, most focus on the U.S or Europe. But thanks to journalist and digital publishing consultant Phillip Smith, those who want to up their data journalism game can turn to this robust list of more than 50 resources from around the world.

For a recent data journalism workshop Smith led in Venezuela organized by IPYS, he curated this list with help from the NICAR listserve. (You can follow Smith on Twitter at @phillipadsmith or check out his workshop slides here.)

Below we are posting an edited version with his permission. You can also see the original list in a Google Doc here. If you think of other resources (websites, books, videos, etc.), please add them in the comments, and we'll update the list.

While Smith's list was created with Venezuelan reporters in mind, many of the resources are useful to journalists worldwide. Resources in this version of the list are in English unless otherwise noted.

Guides and articles


Inspiration and presentations

Where to find data and open data

Global and open data catalogs

Country-specific data for a sampling of countries

Latin America-specific data

The resources for Latin America-specific data, and most of the remaining resources on this list, are in Spanish.

Venezuela--National Level

Venezuela--Municipal Resources

  • Alcaldía de Naguanagua (Ordenanzas, decretos y reglamentos, ejecución presupuestaria)
  • Alcaldía de Maracaibo (Mapa con centros de salud del Municipio, ubicación de los cuerpos de seguridad y de emergencia, rutas de transporte público, contrataciones, mapa proyectos de responsabilidad social)


Examples of data journalism in Latin America

Photo: Image from the Data Journalism Handbook. CC-licensed, thanks to jwyg on Flickr.

Maite Fernández is IJNet’s managing editor. She is bilingual in English and Spanish and has an M.J. in multimedia journalism from the University of Maryland.