Poynter offers virtual Beat Academy [Worldwide]

منتشر شده در Feb 1, 2023 در Journalism Basics

Reporters, editors, news directors and producers can apply for an eight-month webinar series.

Poynter is offering its Beat Academy. This is a virtual classroom designed to provide journalists from any newsroom the skills to tackle emerging coverage areas, like private equity, and better grounding on key topics like immigration, climate change response, federal infrastructure dollars, and more.

Following the private equity workshops, attendees can apply for reporting grants of up to US$20,000. For climate change, newsrooms in the Great Lakes region (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin) can apply for reporting grants up to US$15,000.

The webinars will take place March 2 to Oct. 19.

The cost is US$75 per person, for up to four people. Discounts are available for groups of five people or more from the same organization.

Registration is ongoing.