Fellowships support AI accountability stories [Worldwide]

منتشر شده در Jul 8, 2024 در Data Journalism

Staff and freelance journalists can participate in a fellowship and receive up to US$20,000 to pursue a reporting project.

The Pulitzer Center is organizing the AI Accountability Fellowships. The program seeks to support journalists working on AI (artificial intelligence) accountability stories that examine governments' and corporations’ uses of predictive and surveillance technologies to guide decisions in policing, medicine, social welfare, the criminal justice system, hiring, and more.

Interested journalists must apply with a reporting project they wish to pursue during their fellowship.

Enterprise and accountability projects that use a variety of approaches—from data analysis, to records requests, and shoe-leather reporting—and delve into the real-world impact of algorithms on policy, individuals, and communities are preferred. This year, the program seeks to support at least one project that examines transparency and governance in relation to AI. 

The 10-month fellowships are remote, begin in September and continue until July 2025.

Journalists can be based anywhere.

The deadline is Aug. 10.