Taco Kuiper Award recognizes top investigative reporting [South Africa]

منتشر شده در Feb 1, 2024 در Investigative Journalism

Print and broadcast journalists covering investigative stories about South Africa can compete for an award. 

Wits Journalism, in partnership with the Valley Trust, is accepting entries for the Taco Kuiper Award for Investigative Journalism. The award recognizes outstanding examples of investigative reporting that reveal untold stories, hold the powerful into account and question those in public life.

The motivation for a story is extremely important as it should ensure the judges are fully aware of the work that went into the story, risks taken, its originality, context and impact.

Submitted stories must be published or broadcast in 2023.

The winner will receive the top prize of ZAR200,000 and the runner-up will receive ZAR100,000.

The application deadline is Feb. 23.