Vice Media offers media safety training course [Worldwide]

منتشر شده در Oct 14, 2021 در Digital and Physical Safety

Freelance journalists around the world can participate in a media safety training course in Wapping, London.

Vice Media, in partnership with A Culture of Safety Alliance (ACOS Alliance), is offering a limited number of free spots for freelance journalists to participate in the “Hostile Environments and First aid Training (HEFAT)” course.

The course covers essential safety aspects for field journalists, including situational awareness, first aid techniques and kit, identity and gender dynamics safety awareness, mental well-being/resiliency and psychological preparedness, risk assessment and operational planning for high risk activities, and more.

The in-person course will be held Nov. 16 to 18.

ACOS Alliance may cover the travel expenses for selected freelance participants.

The application deadline is Nov. 2.