How LinkedIn Signal helps you find jobs and stories

by Joe Grimm
Oct 30, 2018 in Digital Journalism

LinkedIn helps people get jobs, no doubt. I used it extensively to find journalists when I did some recruiting outside of my area for Patch in 2010, and friends in other fields have been contacted by headhunters who found them on LinkedIn.

To make LinkedIn work, though, you need to do more than post a resume. Recommend others, post questions, answer them, build a strong network and your visibility will rise. With visibility comes opportunity.

LinkedIn itself follows that mantra, interlacing itself more with networks such as Twitter.

One of LinkedIn’s cool, free tools is Signal, which helps LinkedIn users extract more value from the growing amount of content on the careers site and Twitter accounts by helping users slice and dice a tsunamic newsfeed down to a stream they actually can use.

It works like this: There is a “Search Updates” window just under the “What should your network know?” window near the top of the screen. Type in the term you are interested in, and LinkedIn will extract all the relevant messages from its general newsfeed. With 70 million users in 150 industries, there is a lot in that general feed.

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