TV anchor: Get 100 retweets and I'll air your story

por Mohammad Al abdallah
Oct 30, 2018 em Miscellaneous

Most journalists use their Twitter accounts to promote themselves and their work, but one news anchor promises to take audience interaction to a whole new level.

Egyptian journalist Yosri Fouda uses Twitter to gather information and encourage users to exchange views and ideas about his show, Akhir Kalam, which means “Last Word” in English. The program airs on the private Egyptian channel ON TV. Fouda even promises that if a follower’s suggestion for an interview subject gets 100 retweets, he’ll do the interview.

Viewers are responding: Many of his more than 100,000 Twitter followers interact with him on a daily basis. One viewer sent him a video clip on YouTube showing a police officer assaulting demonstrators in front of the Israeli embassy during protests over the killing of Egyptian border guards on the hands of Israeli forces, and asked Fouda to air it in the program.

Another suggests the show cover the issue of sexual harassment in Egypt. The phenomenon is widespread in the country, but is often ignored by the mainstream media there.

IJNet will be watching to see which viewer suggestions become topics on the show.