ICFJ Knight Fellows share free digital tools that any newsroom can use

par Sara Olstad
30 oct 2018 dans Digital Journalism

Journalists around the world can now visit tools.ijnet.org, a free resource for accessing the latest digital tools and projects created by the ICFJ Knight Fellows.

The toolkit contains 30 tools and can be filtered to help journalists find the most relevant resources, including multimediadata, investigative and training tools. If you adopt any of these tools or lead any new projects inspired by them, tweet about it to @ICFJKnight.

The projects range from toTimeline, a mobile-friendly timeline tool, to Salama, a tool that assesses reporters’ risk levels and recommends ways to stay safe. These tools and others developed by ICFJ Knight Fellows can help news organizations everywhere find stories in complex datasets, better distribute their content and keep their journalists safe from online and physical security threats.

The ICFJ Knight Fellows are at the forefront of the news revolution, leading projects that foster digital innovation and experimentation worldwide. Through their work, they aim to deepen coverage, expand news delivery and better engage citizens. They’ve created a series of tools that they are eager to share with journalists worldwide.

Five ICFJ Knight Fellows will be speaking at the 2017 Online News Association Conference in Washington, D.C. Many of the tools they plan to present are also included in our toolkit. At the conference, Fellows will share their expertise with U.S. journalists on topics ranging from the business of news to fact-checking to collaborative journalism to audience engagement.

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Main image CC-licensed by Flickr via Carson Savage.