Under threat: A conversation with Sicilian investigative journalist Paolo Borrometi

by Lindsey Breneman
Nov 22, 2019 in Investigative Journalism
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Journalists are tasked with telling the truth, but sometimes it comes with a cost. 

Paolo Borrometi, a Sicilian investigative journalist, knows this cost all too well. When his reporting on the Italian mafia made him a target, he was forced to uproot his life. Years later, he still lives under 24/7 police protection, often confined to his own home. 

However, Borrometi is undeterred. He continues to report for his own news website, La Spia, and TV2000. He also serves as the president of Articolo 21, an association dedicated to freedom of expression, and the deputy director of AGI, the Italian Journalistic Agency.  

Borrometi visited our offices when he was in the U.S. accepting the 2019 Peter Mackler Award for courageous and ethical journalism. Listen to the latest IJNotes episode to hear our interview about his work, the attacks he’s endured, life under protection — and meeting the Pope.

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This episode was made possible with translation from Elisa Keating. 

Main image CC-licensed by Unsplash