How to Manage People

by ijnet_admin
Oct 30, 2018 in Media Sustainability

Show Respect for Employees

• Set reasonable & clear expectations.

• Be willing to train.

• Grant practical autonomy to step out and do the job.

• Avoid lip service, i.e. don't just say, "People are important."

• Show that you care. Caring runs in the veins of good managers.

• Foster a culture of' mutual respect.

Communication: A Good Communicator is a Good Listener

An effective listener:

• stops talking

• shows employees you want to listen and are interested

• listens to understand, rather than to reply

• removes distractions

• empathizes

• is patient

• asks questions

• maintains eye contact

• always tells the truth

Managing through Change

When change becomes necessary (i.e. policy, people):

• Do it quickly.

• Say why is it being done.

• Explain how it will affect each person.

• Don't expect resistance or you'll get it.

• Don't make trivial changes.

• Allow time for people to get used to change.

• Meet with employees often, informally, face-to-face.

• Ask employees what they think.

• Talk to employees in their language.

Motivate Employees

• People want recognition and praise more than money (on average).

• Commend good work.

• Criticize in private.

• Be upbeat and positive – enthusiasm is contagious. Smile.

• Reward exceptional performance – dinner, gift certificate, plaque, day off.

• Create a team attitude.

• Don't play favorites or discriminate.

• Be visible, be on the "front line" now and then.

• Know/understand how it feels to "walk in their moccasins."

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