The best apps for bookmarking web pages

by IJNet
Oct 30, 2018 in Digital Journalism

It is alarming how much media the modern journalist needs to consume. From news to interviews to background research to industry trends, we’re left frantically bookmarking important pieces of work or losing them entirely to the 50-tabs-open syndrome.

How many times have you stumbled across something interesting online and kept the window open to read it later? Then you accidentally close the browser, or when you’re finally done with all your tasks two days later, you realize it’s still sitting open, sadly unread.

It’s a common problem, especially for journalists, who are expected to both consume and produce more media than any other profession.

Luckily, enough developers have been similarly frustrated by an endless row of tabs, and have designed ways to save articles, text, photos, links and videos for later…no tabs required.


Pocket is like the world’s biggest digital filing cabinet. Save links, articles, videos, pictures — just about anything to pocket, and open it on the rare occasion you have a moment to catch up. Effective, attractive and easy to use, Pocket really does feel like…well, a pocket.’s design has performed minor internet magic. If you find yourself switching between multiple devices, but are an avid user of bookmarks, you can register, then simply type ‘’ in front of any url and it’ll be saved to a bookmark cloud. Even better? There’s no storage limit. Save all the links you want.


A surprisingly powerful tool, Refind takes a sophisticated approach to the simple act of saving. And you can add Refind to your other apps. Use Evernote for your notes and Refind for your links. Use Pocket for your ‘read laters’ and Refind for the links you need more immediately.

They’ve also managed to make bookmarking a social activity. You can follow what others are reading and saving, giving you insights into your industry or hobbies or even just the people surrounding them.

And it has our favorite feature: you can sign in with Twitter. No extra username required.

Also see Wallabag (open source if you’re worried about your privacy), Readability or Instapaper. offers weekly TechCorners, highlighted grants and job opportunities. Register here.

Main image CC-licensed by Flickr via Visa Kopu.