Presenting our mobile journalism toolkit

byIJNetJun 9, 2022 in Mobile Journalism
A man talking into the camera.

Today, anyone with access to a smartphone has the ability to become a mobile journalist. From covering breaking news, to creating unique feature videos on underreported stories, to highlighting underrepresented voices in the media, mobile journalism is presenting new opportunities for reporting around the world. 

Seen, formerly Hashtag Our Stories, a cross-platform video publishing company founded by Yusuf and Sumaiya Omar, is at the forefront of harnessing the power of user-generated video content as an essential tool for journalism. By empowering a new generation of mobile journalists, it is driving local solutions to global problems through the use of mobile technology. 

In this toolkit, Seen co-founder Yusuf Omar, in partnership with the Meta Journalism Project and IJNet, provides tips and advice needed to become a mobile journalist. These tips include how to shoot video with an iPhone, where to find stories online, the importance of narrative structure, fact checking and more.

Visit the toolkit in its entirety here.

IJNet's parent organization, ICFJ, partnered with the Meta Journalism Project and Seen on its Facebook Video Storytellers-Africa program.