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Part 5: A conversation with Hannah Storm

作者Taylor MulcaheyJan 8, 2021 发表在 Digital and Physical Safety
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This is the fifth episode in our IJNotes series on mental health and journalism. 

This summer, accomplished journalist and media consultant Hannah Storm published a personal story about her diagnosis with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

The PTSD was a result of many traumas over the years, Storm wrote: it stemmed from experiences she had when reporting internationally on crises and disasters, and sexual assaults she survived when she was a young reporter. All were in some way related to her job.

While today more and more journalists, news organizations and media nonprofits begin to shine a light on the pervasiveness of violence against women journalists, there is still little discussion on how this has an impact on their mental health. 

In our discussion, Storm helps us bridge that gap. She discusses her  personal experience dealing with mental health issues, and offers expertise she gained while serving as the director of the International News Safety Institute, and the director and CEO of the Ethical Journalism Network, a role she holds today. 

Our conversation is candid, personal and full of great advice for journalists, editors and newsroom managers.

Tune in to the fifth episode of our journalism and mental health podcast series: 


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