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The best apps to film and edit mobile video like a pro

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Oct 30, 2018 发表在 Multimedia Journalism

This post was originally published in 2014. To learn about more recent mobile video editing apps available, click here

From designing the world's first mobile-first newsroom in Georgia to training Egyptian journalists on new media, Robb Montgomery has fully embraced the idea of video journalism going mobile no matter the locale.

Montgomery, an international media consultant and journalism professor, has come across a number of filming and editing apps as he teaches students how to create quality on-the-go videos. 

Below, he shares some of his top picks that he features in his workshops and video lessons in the Smart Film School.  

Filming Apps

  • Filmic Pro: This iPhone and iPad app does wonders for your mobile broadcast reporting. You can control everything from the shutter speed to the focus right on your phone. US$7.99
  • Hyperlapse app by Instagram: This app, which is only available on iOS, gives you the option to film timelapses. Don't have an Instagram account? No worries. Hyperlapse is a separate app you can install on your phone, and you don't need an account to save the videos. (Although Instagram does allow you to upload the videos to your account and add filters.) Free
  • Bambuser: Based out of Stockholm, Bambuser allows users to live-stream videos. It's available on Android, iOS and Windows. Basic app is free
  • GoPro: If you happen to have a GoPro Hero camera with Wi-Fi, you can control the camera from afar using this app on your Android, iOS and Windows devices. App is free

Editing Apps

  • Flipagram allows you to add music and voice to videos or photos straight from your phone. It's for iOS, Windows and Android. Free
  • Emulsio is an iOS video editing tool that allows you to take out any shakiness resulting from an unsteady hand. Free
  • iMovie: This editing application comes with all Mac computers.
  • Storehouse is a free app available on iPad and iPhone, allowing users to combine text, video and photos to create smooth visual stories. Free
  • Adobe Voice: Don't feel like filming but still want to add visuals to your audio story? Adobe Voice lets you record audio and add photos, graphics and music. Free
  • Need a teleprompter on the go? DV Prompter allows you to upload scripts to view on your Android or Apple tablets. Free

Below is a sample lesson from Montgomery's filmmaking course from the Smart Film School project.

Main image courtesy Robb Montgomery.