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Reporting grants for stories on pesticides and the environment [Brazil]

Posted on Feb 24, 2022 发表在 Environmental Reporting

Environmental journalists in Brazil can apply for these grants.

#Colabora project, in partnership with Alter Conteúdo Relevante and Heinrich Böll Foundation, is seeking story proposals on the use of pesticides in Brazil and their impact on health and the environment. Their aim is to spur the debate towards the consequences of pesticides and foster independent, investigative journalism.

Three journalists will be granted BRL10,000 each (approx. US$2,000).

Story pitches should address some of the following topics: impacts of pesticides on human and animal species' health; food contamination; soil and water; consequences on racial and gender issues; alternatives to pesticides; public policies; and lobbying to pass new pesticides in Brazil.

The application deadline is Mar. 15.