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As Earth's temperature rises, news media coverage of climate change falls

Scientists issue dire warnings about it. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon calls it the “greatest challenge facing humanity." But news coverage of climate change is in decline, studies show.

Jessica Weiss | January 27, 2014

How a news challenge teaches entrepreneurs to improve their ideas

Media strategist and Knight International Journalism Fellow Justin Arenstein explains how the African News Innovation Challenge helped entrants refine and improve their project ideas.

Jessica Weiss | November 08, 2012

Storify set to launch in Spanish, French and Arabic

Social media storytelling platform Storify will soon launch in Spanish, French and Arabic, Storify co-founder and CEO Xavier Damman said at a recent Hacks/Hackers gathering in Buenos Aires.

Jessica Weiss | May 23, 2012

Washington Post announces new fact checking feature

To "truth squad" statements made by political figures, The Washington Post has launched a fact checking website and regular column.

Jessica Weiss | January 11, 2011