Journalists' exchange program open [Europe]

опубликовано Jun 3, 2021 в Specialized Topics

Journalists from Germany, the United Kingdom, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia can apply for this program.

The Internationale Journalisten-Programme (IJP) organizes the German-UK Journalists' Bursary, German-Central Eastern European Bursary and the German-South Eastern European Bursary.

The German-UK Journalists' Bursary enables British and German journalists the opportunity to gain work experience in the other country.

The German-Central Eastern European Bursary is intended for journalists who are interested in d in reporting in the field of climate and energy. 

The German-South Eastern European Bursary is offered to journalists from Germany, Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia with a passion for climate and energy topics.

Selected candidates will receive a stipend, which should cover airfares, transportation, accommodation and meals.

Candidates must be proficient in German or English. 

The deadline is July 15.