Interactive map of European media landscape available

Автор Dana Liebelson
Oct 30, 2018 в Specialized Topics

The European Journalism Centre (EJC) has relaunched its free, interactive map of Europe's media industry.

The "Media Landscapes" series covers 38 European countries and six European neighboring states, and reflects ongoing changes in both traditional and new media. On the map, users have access to a wealth of information, including a country's media development trends, accountability systems and media legislation.

The map also provides an in-depth look at a country's print, online and broadcast media. Users interested in journalism in Turkey, for example, will learn that the country has a relatively low number of newspaper readers, but television broadcast is immensely popular. The number of private stations has grown immensely since parliament lifted the state monopoly on broadcast in 1993. However, media employees often still work in harsh conditions without job and social security, and during the 2001 economic crisis, approximately 5,000 journalists lost their jobs.

The series was written by in-country media experts, including key academics and journalists. To view the map, click here