StoryCorps app lets users preserve experiences via audio

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Oct 30, 2018 в Multimedia Journalism

StoryCorps introduces an app for everyday citizens to capture audio stories, how virtual reality might change journalism and more in this week's Digital Media Mash Up, produced by the Center for International Media Assistance.

StoryCorps using $1 Million TED prize to become an app and go global

For the past decade, StoryCorps has amassed more than 65,000 recordings of ordinary individuals interviewing one another and telling extraordinary stories. In doing so, StoryCorps has amassed the largest collection of human voices ever recorded, but is still limited by the time and expense of its approach, which relies on professional radio recording equipment and dedicated volunteers to act as facilitators. (Re/code, 3/17)

How virtual reality could revolutionize journalism

Don't tell a story—put the audience IN the story. (ReadWrite, 3/16)

What does firing of well-known journalist mean for Mexico?

The firing of one of Mexico’s most prominent journalists this week added to a growing list of concerns about the strength of the country's democracy. Carmen Aristegui, who exposed numerous high-profile scandals, including ones that touched President Enrique Peña Nieto and his wife, was dismissed by radio station Noticias MVS Sunday. (Christian Science Monitor, 3/17)

Jordanian news site, threatened with closure, reflects on acceding to license requirement

Nearly two years have passed since Jordanian authorities blocked over 200 websites for failing to obtain a license in accordance with a then-recent amendment to the country's Press and Publications Law. 

The amendment requires online news sites to be licensed to operate as such and to have an editor affiliated with the Jordan Press Association, a professional syndicate founded in 1953 with the majority of its members working for state media. Notably, all editors of newly licensed sites are considered legally accountable not only for the journalistic content, but also for reader comments. (IFEX, 3/16)

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