Learning expedition in New York City for French podcasters open [France]

опубликовано Nov 4, 2022 в Multimedia Journalism

French podcasters can apply to take part in this learning expedition.

As part of a new cultural institution of France in the United States, the Villa Albertine, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy the U.S., is hosting Sounds of New York: a program for seven French podcasters to take part in a one-week learning expedition to New York City to meet key industry players. This program is supported by Fondation FaceSpotifyRadio FranceRFI (France Medias Monde), SACDInstitut Français, INA, and Paradiso Media.

During these five days in April 2023 in New York, participants will attend masterclasses, thematic presentations, meetings with key players in the New York industry and visit iconic studios. Networking with experienced professionals will also be part of the program.

The deadline is Dec. 15.