Response Fund for journalists and media outlets [Latin America, Caribbean]

опубликовано Sep 29, 2021 в COVID-19 Reporting

Independent journalists and media outlets from Latin America and the Caribbean that report regularly on COVID-19 and whose work has been affected or threatened by the pandemic can apply for funding.

The Response Fund for Latin America and the Caribbean, run by Chicas Poderosas, Consejo de Redacción, Fundamedios and Internews, is seeking project proposals from media outlets and independent journalists that represent native populations, black, migrant and LGBTQ+ communities, and women.

Selected projects will receive funding ranging from EUR1,000 to EUR15,000, depending on the scope of the proposal.

Ideal proposals are from outlets and professionals with a local reach and based in news deserts or regions that lack access to information, like rural areas and places with poor internet connection.

The application deadline is Oct. 15.