Africa-China Reporting Project and Inkyfada organize training [MENA]

Publicado em Jul 27, 2019 em Specialized Topics

Journalists from Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and nd Libya can apply for this weeklong training. 

The Africa-China Reporting Project at Wits Journalism and Inkyfada are hosting a journalism training workshop during the week of Oct. 7 in Tunis, Tunisia.

The workshop will focus on practical investigative skills and techniques. Topics include North African countries’ relations with China, current trends and misunderstandings; multimedia journalism, online tools and resources; data journalism and data visualization, visual storytelling and audience engagement; and cybersecurity, among other topics. 

Applicants must propose a North Africa-China investigation, including a budget of no more than US$1,500. Selected journalists will receive guidance and a reporting grant to conduct the investigation after completing the workshop.

The deadline is Sept. 11.