Former Washington Post owners launch news-curation app Trove

por IJNet
Oct 30, 2018 em Digital Journalism

A new curation app for news, what makes stories go viral, the role of a data journalist and more in this week's Digital Media Mash Up, produced by the Center for International Media Assistance.

Here are IJNet's picks from this week's stories:

The news curation game gets another entrant as the WaPo’s former owner relaunches Trove

The former owners of the Washington Post (the Graham family, which sold the paper to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos) have relaunched a news-curation and recommendation app called Trove, which they hope will encourage users to find and share content in new ways — but the curation market is a crowded one. (Gigaom, 1/22)

The six things that make stories go viral wll amaze, and maybe infuriate, you

What is it about a piece of content—an article, a picture, a video—that took it from simply interesting to interesting and shareable? What pushes someone not only to read a story but to pass it on? (New Yorker, 1/22)

Recalculating the newsroom: the rise of the journo-coder?

Through a series of interviews with journalists and developers working at the BBC and Financial Times plus some key players outside major newsrooms, Liz Hannaford aims to find out about data journalism’s special role today. (, 1/21)

Why e-books are banned in my digital journalism class

Meredith Broussard is a digital journalism professor but requires her students to use print books for class. Here's why. (New Republic, 1/22)

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Image: Screengrab from Trove video.