Pro-Health Policy Journalism Fellowship offers reporting grants [Nigeria]

Publicado em Aug 15, 2022 em Specialized Topics

Nigerian reporters and investigative journalists can apply for a fellowship and be eligible for a reporting grant.

Gatefield Impact is accepting applications for its inaugural Pro-Health Policy Journalism Fellowship. The program will provide participants with the skills necessary to analyze and report on crucial health issues and provide relevant facts to the public, towards the greater goal of improving health outcomes in Nigeria.

Selected fellows will create feature and editorial pieces on Nigeria’s sugar-sweetened beverage tax and policies.

Ten reporters and investigative journalists will be selected to participate in the six-month program which begins in September.

Fellows will receive a grant of US$1,000 (NGN415,000) each to support logistics required to participate in fellowship activities, including the production of at least one long-form feature piece.

The deadline is Aug. 22.