ARIJ hosts “Mental Health First” webinar for journalists [MENA]

Publicado em Apr 20, 2022 em Investigative Journalism

Arab investigative journalists can register to attend this webinar.

In partnership with UNESCO’s Multi Donor Program on Freedom of Expression and Safety of Journalists (MDP), the Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism (ARIJ) is hosting a webinar on prioritizing mental health for journalists.

The webinar will be held on May 3 as part of the Aman360 webinar series, which comes under a Denmark-funded project titled “Enhancing the Safety of Journalists in Africa and the Arab Region.”

Media development consultant Abeer Al Saady will discuss how investigative stories affect the mental health of journalists, and what strategies they can use to cope, as well as how freelance journalists can protect themselves.

Registration is ongoing.