Poynter hosts webinar on LGBTQIA reporting [Worldwide]

Posted on 7 juil 2019 dans Specialized Topics

Journalists and others interested in  LGBTQIA reporting can attend this webinar.

Poynter is offering the webinar "Demystifying the “TQ” in LGBTQIA coverage" at 2 p.m. EDT Aug. 8.

Participants will learn the basics of reporting on non-gender-conforming individuals, including how to report on LGBTQIA and gender-spectrum topics; how to elicit support for incorporating LGBTQIA topics; how to discover stories on LGBTQIA topics beyond hate crimes and bathroom bills; where to find additional resources to help them cover LGBTQIA topics; and tips for being more inclusive in their own newsroom.

The instructors are Daniel Funke, fact-checking reporter at Poynter, Alanna Dvorak, interactive learning producer, also at Poynter, and Ashley Dye, editor of Coast is Queer.

Registration is ongoing and costs US$29.95.