Climate Tracker launches youth mentorship [Worldwide]

Posted on 3 juil 2019 dans Journalism Basics

High school students interested in environmental reporting can apply for this program.

Climate Tracker is inviting aspiring journalists to write about how climate change affects young people’s lives.

Applicants must write an article about one of these topics: the environment you live in how climate has impacted you and your community; effects of your country’s environmental policies; the youth climate movement in your area; or what you want to tell those making decisions.

The top three writers will receive a monthlong mentorship and be featured on the Climate Tracker website. Top 10 articles will be republished on its website as well. 

The deadline is July 20 for those interested in pitching another piece about the same topic to an international publication.  One-on-one help will be provided upon demand for topics with the most potential and for those pitching for the first time. If your second article is published, you can re-submit and have both pieces considered for the final deadline, which is Sept. 20.