Exercise: Judging the News Value of a Story

par Anonyme
30 oct 2018 dans Journalism Basics

Assignment: You are the editor. Decide which story in each pair has greater news value and explain your reasons.

1. A. Two cars collide in downtown during the peak of traffic and cause damage totaling $100,000.
B. Mayor's car hits another car causing minor damage.

2. A. The head of the fire department is fired.
B. A new fire department chief is hired.

3. A. Four couples are married at Old Town Hall.
B. Couple is married in hot air balloon over the city.

4. A. Tram kills woman hurrying home for Christmas Eve dinner.
B. Tram kills woman hurrying to the dentist.

5. A. U. S. actress Sigourney Weaver arrives to film movie in your country.
B. Former head of the U.S. State Dept. Madeline Albright arrives to give speech in your country.

6. A. Five cases of mushroom poisoning are reported near the capitol, no deaths.
B. Four die from mushroom poisoning in your neighboring country.

7. A. Banks begin giving house loans.
B. The Wood Stock Index rises 24 points.

8. A. Parliament votes to increase judge's salaries.
B. Parliament votes to increase its members' salaries.

9. A. Officials still investigating fire that destroyed theater and killed two people two days ago.
B. Officials investigate death of teen-age boy today.

10. A. Scientists say aspirin is not effective.
B. Scientists say experimental treatment for glaucoma is not effective.

11. A. Haley's Comet can be seen in town tonight.
B. New movie can be seen in town tonight.

12. A. "Decent business people are the backbone of this country's economy," said the minister of trade at a meeting.
B. "Greedy business people are ruining this country's economy," said the minister of the economy at a meeting.

13. A. Madonna 's wallet is stolen from her purse while she is riding on the tram.
B. Madonna's wallet is stolen while she is performing in concert.

14. A. Tourists are flocking to the country this year.
B. Two tourists are killed in a car crash just over the border in the neighboring country.