News outlets use Storify to gather tsunami info

par Nicole Martinelli
30 oct 2018 dans Data Journalism

Reporters around the world woke up to the news of Japan's 8.9 earthquake and tsunami. Almost as quickly as events unfolded, they started gathering information with social media and digital tools to give readers video, pictures, vox pops and more.

Storify lets people collect the best photos, video, tweets and publish them as simple, beautiful stories that can be embedded anywhere.

Co-founded by a former AP correspondent and Knight Fellow Burt Herman, it has been called a great way to "turn news into conversations" between journalists and the public. News orgs involved in the beta phase of the project include The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times and Yahoo! News. During the recent revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia, news organizations turned to Storify to gather information.

Here are some of the news orgs using Storify to gather news about the tsunami as it happens, we'll update as they expand:

USA Today - with content from Japan ABC News Australia


Toronto Star Canada

KQED News San Francisco

KOMO News -- videos from Japan

TV5Monde France

Europe 1

Storify is still in beta, some media types using it have gathered powerful streams, check these out:

Peter Pappas, English

Angel Jimenez, Spanish/English