Online coding, web development courses for journalists

par Margaret Looney
30 oct 2018 dans Miscellaneous

The line between hacks and hackers is blurring faster than you can create an infographic about it.

If you can't nab a scholarship to combine journalism and programming in academia, there are a number of online courses for journalists just entering the coding universe or those looking to perfect their skills.

Here are three:


This free online portal offers three interactive beginner courses in Javascript, a leading programming language of the web. If you're a programming pro and looking to expand, the site will soon feature courses in Ruby and Python. If you know a little about these other two programming languages, test out your know-how in Codecademy Labs. Join the 266,430 people who resolved to crack the world of coding in 2012 with Code Year; sign up to receive an interactive lesson via email.

With over 1,200 courses, there's something for beginners and experts. The software training hub features 148 videos on web development with topics including HTML5, building mobile apps and Dreamweaver. The site also offers training on interactive web extras, video, audio and photography. Each course includes free video tutorials to get an idea of the content, but you must subscribe to US$25 membership for full access. Other subscription plans are available.

Harvard online courses

Harvard uses OpenCourseware to make their computer science courses available online. Courses include an intro to computer science, building mobile apps, building dynamic websites, XML and more. Even if you're not a student, you can watch videos of lectures, view PDFs of class projects and ask questions on the program's Google Groups page. If you'd prefer to officially enroll in a course (and pay), you can register for an online course with the Harvard Extension School to receive feedback, grades and a transcript.