Seven ways journalists can use Pinterest

par Margaret Looney
30 oct 2018 dans Miscellaneous

Virtual pinboard Pinterest helps journalists find trend stories, display their work and more.

The social networking site has more than four million users, landing it a spot on a list of most visited social media sites of 2011.

Perfect for showing off your favorite finds as you troll the web, users "pin" images to themed boards for visually-appealing displays.

Don't be put off by its "invite-only" status. Even if you don't have a friend who can pass along instant access, simply request an invite from the site and you'll receive it in a few days.

Once you're signed up, check out these seven ways journalists can tap into the growing site's potential:

  • Feature your top stories. The most clear-cut way to use the site is to promote your work, as many news organizations already do: Mashable features pinboards on tips and tricks, web humor and tech and gadgets. USA Today has boards about tech gift ideas and CES. Time dedicates a board to its weekly magazine covers.

  • Mobile-pin pics. If you're out in the field and news unfolds, snap a pic from your iPhone, upload and pin it to your themed board of breaking news shots. Post images to a sneak-peak board to advertise stories soon to come. You can also upload videos.

  • Find ideas for trend stories. Use the Popular button to find trending pins or search for top pins by topic.

  • Find pictures suitable for online stories. Heavily image-based, the site is an archive of photographs available online. Once you find a fitting image for your story, perform a reverse Google image search to find the original source and link/attribute from there. You can also embed pins into blogs or online stories.

  • Photojournalism portfolio. Photojournalists could advertise their prints and sell them to the public. Arrange shots by category via boards, add a price banner to any photo and link to the website where prints can be purchased.

  • Use it as an online storyboard. If you're doing web-based research for an upcoming story, pin useful items to a board dedicated to the topic. If you're collaborating with another journalist, you can share pinning access by adding a contributor to your board.

  • Curate the news. Take a lesson from, a curating site focused more on articles than images, and make your own online magazine with the top news pins of the day.