Webinar on US-China chip war and its impact on supply chains [Worldwide]

Posted on 15 sept 2023 dans Specialized Topics

Journalists interested in learning about the U.S.-China chip war and its global implications can register for this free webinar.

Nikkei Asia’s “Untold Story of Chip War” is a new series of discussions focused on this competition and its impact on the tech industry. The second session, “The Global Battle for Domestic Supply Chains”, will be held on Sept. 26.

The webinar will feature three panelists, each with deep knowledge of the sector: Chris Miller, the author of the book “Chip War: The Fight for the World’s most Critical Technology”; G.Dan Hutcheson, an expert in the semiconductor industry with over 40 years of experience; as well as Taipei-based Nikkei Asia Chief Tech Correspondent Cheng Ting-Fang.

The panelists will discuss the challenges facing economies as they attempt to build their own self-sufficient chip industries and how this competition is impacting the industry.

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