ICFJ hosts training on religious freedom reporting [India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka]

Publicado en Dec 10, 2020 en Specialized Topics

Journalists from India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka with an interest in religious freedom reporting are invited to apply for this online course in English, Urdu, Hindi, Tamil and Sinhalese.

The International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) is offering an online course as part of the program "Stemming the tide of intolerance: a network of South Asian journalists to promote religious freedom."

The eight-week course is designed to build a community of journalists, digital influencers, bloggers, social media activists, and citizen journalists in South Asia. Training dates have not been announced yet.

Topics will include the power of storytelling, conflict reporting, journalism ethics, religion in the region and religious freedom and the law among other topics.

The deadline is Jan. 11, 2021.