Courses cover verification and content for journalists during pandemic [Worldwide]

Publicado en Jun 17, 2020 en COVID-19 Reporting

Journalists reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic can access this online course.

The Thomson Foundation has launched two more courses in addition to the course "Reporting on COVID-19: Safety." The courses are available in Spanish, Arabic, French, Ukrainian and Russian.

"Reporting on COVID-19: Verification," created with the support of First Draft, presents techniques and tools to help identify false information and publish verified accounts.

"Covering COVID-19 - Content Creation" aims to help journalists navigate the ethical and practical challenges needed to cover the pandemic, including terminology. The course was created in collaboration with the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and the Dart Centre Europe, the Ethical Journalism Network and Free Press Unlimited (FPU). 

Both courses are self paced and can be take at any time.

Enrollment is free.