IJNet Live: Webinar on disinformation in the MENA region [MENA]

Publicado en Jan 16, 2020 en Combating Mis- and Disinformation

Despite the advancement in verification techniques, disinformation remains a challenge that journalists face daily. In addition to the democratization of information, our personal biases can affect our reporting in a manner that serves certain entities. Poor quality journalism and sloppy verification techniques can result in errors. 

This webinar will discuss the different media that are used to spread disinformation, the mistakes journalists make that contribute to its spread. Participants will also explore how a lack of knowledge on the subject, the influence of hate speech and personal phobias can create radicalization of the media.

Journalists will also discuss how to handle that the “official communication methods” between government bodies and media outlets should be handled with care, and caution.

This is a one hour webinar on hosted by two distinguished journalists on Jan. 22 at 7 a.m. EST. They will speak about the topic based on their experience, after which participants can ask questions to help understand the topic further.

Registered participants will receive a reminder email as well as a link to a video recording of the webinar when it becomes available.

Registration is ongoing.

Speakers' biographies:

Ahmed Salah Zaky is a Senior Broadcast Journalist with BBC Global News. He as a producer for World At One news program on BBC Arabic TV. He reports and comments frequently on Saudi affairs for BBC World News, BBC World Service Radio, BBC Domestic radios and BBC Arabic TV/Radio/Online. During the last four years he produced and presented a number of digital explainers about various topics related to the region in English and Arabic. 

Yumna Fawaz is a pioneer in investigative reporting and filmmaking in Lebanon and the Middle East. Recently Klear chose her as one of Top 10 Influencers on Twitter, and she was selected by UN Global Compact to step into the world of sustainable development goals, and to be the voice of sustainability in Lebanon and abroad. She recently founded her company, U Production & Consulting, which advises on digital and media strategy.