Arab Social Media Influencers Summit hosts contest [MENA]

Publicado en Nov 5, 2018 en Social Media

Social media activists and online journalists from Arab countries can compete for an award.

The Dubai Press Club (DPC) organizes the Arab Social Media Influencers Summit, which will take place Dec 10, 2018 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The awards, which are part of the event, aim to honor social media pioneers who have a positive potential of social media for the good of the Arab world and who are able to develop a distinct Arabic content.

The contest has 31 categories covering the government sector, media, sports, tolerance, community service, education, youth, technology, entrepreneurship, environment, economy, culture and arts, security and safety, tourism, entertainment and the public category.

Some categories of the award are available only for individuals, others for honoring institutions and individuals together.

The deadline is Nov. 25.