Beirut Cinema Platform seeks entries [MENA]

Publicado en Nov 5, 2018 en Multimedia Journalism

Arab filmmakers, producers and directors can submit their projects.

Beirut DC and Fondation Liban Cinema are accepting submissions for the fourth edition of Beirut Cinema Platform (BCP), which will take place March 29 to 31, 2019 in Beirut.

BCP is a co-production platform for Arab independent filmmakers and producers working on feature-length documentary or narrative film projects, in development or in post-production.

The initiative aims at providing the project holders with the opportunity to meet with Arab and foreign professionals in order to encourage partnerships and co-productions. About 15 film projects will be selected to take part in the competitive section.

Applicants are preferred to be able to communicate in English since some of the professional meetings will be with foreign experts.

The deadline is Nov. 21.