Info overload? Free tool Summify culls news from social media

por IJNet
Oct 30, 2018 en Digital Journalism

If you're like most journalists, you face a fire hose of information from Google Reader, Facebook and Twitter.

Summify is a neat little app that monitors your social media accounts and creates a top news page based on your followers and topics.

That page is can be sent to you via email or a direct message on Twitter -- great if you're traveling or otherwise offline and can't catch up with your ever-changing feeds.

If you just can't drill it down to the standard five stories, you can up the number of news items you receive and vary the number of times the summary generates -- from every three days to four times a day. (Here's IJNet's 10-story version.)

For now, Summify only pulls content from Facebook, Twitter and Google Reader accounts and it works best if you hook up all three. Results also depend on how active and engaged you and your friends and followers are.

Launched by former interns at Microsoft and Google back in March, it's already got some high-profile fans in the tech world whose public summaries you can follow, including Evan Williams of Twitter and MG Siegler of Tech Crunch.

If you check it out, let us know what you think.

Via Melbourne Press Club