porIJNetJun 9, 2022 en Mobile Journalism
A man talking into the camera.

For mobile journalists new to working with video, storyboarding – or visually drawing out scenes on paper or a whiteboard – can be an excellent technique to guide how you film your videos. Here are some reasons why you should use storyboarding in your process: 


  • Building a storyboard in blocks makes it easier to carry out on camera. Knowing what you’re going to film and in what order helps structure your story before you even start shooting. 
  • Storyboarding allows your video editor to know what to cut from raw footage, making a more streamlined video and reducing the work for your editor – which might be you! 
  • Storyboarding allows you to think visually. With mobile journalism being a visual medium, storyboarding begins this process of thinking about how shots will look, what visual elements you’ll be speaking to, and other filming techniques from the start. 
  • Having storyboarding centered in your creative process helps you stay more organized and prepared in the long run, helping you manage your time and resources more effectively. 

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