How to use data publishing platform Silk

How to use data publishing platform Silk

January 13, 2015

Silk is a data publishing platform that turns static spreadsheets into dynamic, customizeable web pages and embeddable visualiztion.

Though IJNet doesn’t usually feature data-heavy posts, we’ve found a number of uses for Silk. We used it to engage with our readers in the post What news organization IJNet readers turned to in 2014 by adding each new entry received on social media to a Silk map. We used Silk's grid feature to make a collage for our Advice from 6 journalists to guide you into the new year post. And in the tutorial below, you can see step-by-step how we created a Silk to plot our journalists of the month on a map, along with their top advice.

Take a look and try creating a Silk of your own:


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