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I have been an accredited journalist in Ukraine since 2005.

I have been a journalist since 1998. Started in Turkmenistan and I have worked as a correspondent reporter, writer, photographer and cameraman for international newspapers, news agencies, news magazines and broadcasting organizations and also as a Turkish Language Chief Editor at Vector News Agency.

Also I am the founder and the owner of the first Turkish Language News Website ''. Since 2006 I have been also writing daily columns and publish up-to-date news on

Last 19 years, I have followed news not just all around Ukraine, also in different parts of the world as a correspondent of a media or press organization or as a freelance journalist and also attended as a keynote speaker for many media panels.

I have been to Turkmenistan, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Dominic Republic, Haiti, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Azerbaijan, Syria, USA and Belarus as a journalist.

I was one of the few Turkish journalists in Haiti, right after the 2010 Earthquake. I went to Bangladesh to follow the Myanmar Conflict in 2012 on the field.