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Knight International Journalism Fellow Sandra Crucianelli created the first team of investigative journalists who can track tax revenues earmarked for Argentina's crumbling public services. She specializes in digital resources and data journalism. She is the founder and editor of Sololocal, an online magazine that provides hyper-local news in Bahía Blanca City, Argentina, and has been an instructor and consultant for the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas at the University of Texas, Austin, since 2004.

Crucianelli also is an instructor for Florida International University’s International Media Center and the author of Digital Tools for Journalists, a Spanish- and Portuguese-language resource.

Latest Stories

Planting and nurturing the seeds of data journalism in Panama

Journalists and newsrooms in Panama are learning about and embracing data-driven reporting.

Sandra Crucianelli | June 13, 2014

Argentina’s La Nación newspaper launches application to examine census data

Census information in Argentina isn't just for demographers and bureaucrats any longer.

Sandra Crucianelli | April 23, 2013

Three ways to monitor a story's impact on the Web

After you publish your story on the Web, it takes on a life of its own. Here are some simple techniques to make it easier to see what happens after you hit "publish."

Sandra Crucianelli | February 14, 2013

Lessons learned from building a data journalism team

Argentina's daily newspaper La Nación is on a mission to take data journalism to the next level. ICFJ Knight Fellow Sandra Crucianelli shares what she learned when helping the paper build its data journalism team.

Sandra Crucianelli | January 24, 2013

Data festival aims to spark collaboration

Journalists, innovators, scholars, entrepreneurs and others gathered at an event in Argentina to learn from one another and work together to analyze a slew of public data.

Sandra Crucianelli | November 13, 2012

Data journalism: The good, the bad and the ugly

What does it take to get started with data journalism? Knight International Journalism Fellow Sandra Crucianelli outlines the basic skills needed to get the job done.

Sandra Crucianelli | July 03, 2012

How to search the deep web: data extraction

Knight International Journalism Fellow Sandra Crucianelli offers techniques and tools for data extraction.

Sandra Crucianelli | June 12, 2012

How to search for information in the deep web

While Google Search is the first tool most reporters use when researching a story, there is a wealth of information in the "deep web" not indexed by search engines like Google and Bing. Knight International Journalism Fellow Sandra Crucianelli explains how reporters can unearth this information to break stories.

Sandra Crucianelli | May 15, 2012